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Our Services

Purchase a forklift

We have new forklifts for sale as well as used ones. Our new forklifts are Doosan and Sellick brands. Our used forklifts are Nissan, Clark, Hyster, and Toyota. We can help you find the forklift that best meets your needs!

Rent a forklift

If your business only needs a forklift for a short period of time - for a remodeling project, for instance - you might not want to purchase a forklift. In these situations, ask us about our forklift rentals.

Stock up on forklift parts

We carry new parts for forklifts of a variety of sizes. We have factory parts for Doosan and Sellick forklifts as well as other brands available from Total Source parts, including Hyster, Caterpillar, and more.

Turn to Affordable Forklift and Equipment Repair for all of your forklift needs. Whether you're interested in purchasing a forklift, renting one, or buying new forklift parts, we're here to help.

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